Quantar Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Fire Fighting Systems


At Quantar Engineering, our aim is to provide you end-to-end services under one roof. Our AMCs cover a wide range of services-from maintaining all your safety systems to repairing to replacing parts. Our trained and experienced staff resolves issues in a comprehensive yet quick manner. We take care of all your safety issues and provide you a stess-free environment that maximises your efficiency. Smooth operations and minimum downtime are the major benefits the AMC provides. The service is based on our longtime commitment of reliability and care.

 Turnkey Projects

To provide all security and products under one roof is the mantra which is at the heart of Quantar Engineering. We carry the larger view of everything from fire fighting systems to HVACs to piping being interconnected. When the design of each of these is done in coherence each other, they complement each other and enhance productivity. Turnkey projects help you in having logical,comprehensive and safe systems, that are both economical and highly functional.


Services at Quantar Engineering are threefold.The best minds in the business offer you timely, exhaustive and quality services.

Designing : Customised,thorough and up-to-date,our firefighting system designs are created with extensive understanding of your needs and a precise application of experience and expertise.

Consultancy : We under stand that consultancy is not just about suggesting fire extinguishers brands and designs.We go beyond to back your safety systems with sound thought and workable plans.

Licensing : With our understanding of fire safety norms, we help you acquire NOCs and licenses to operate in and outside Maharashtra