Quantar Engineering Pvt.Ltd.


Solid waste management is one of the biggest problems we face in the modern age. Composting is an efficient solution that allows waste to degrade naturally. Quantar Engineering brings in innovation to this technology that allows composting to happen on a wider scale in an automated and efficient way, with options that work without electricity as well.

Our advanced and resourceful machines handle volumes up to 250 tonnes. The systems can be calibrated as per requirement and come with modern features like touch-screen interface and online monitoring. For regions where electric supply is unstable, we provide systems that carry out purely natural yet efficient composting. With more than 100 installations in private and government sectors, this service is one of our most significant and diversified services.


  • ❖ Converts Food and Garden Waste to Fertilizer in 24 hours
  • ❖ Inbuilt Shredder. Separate shredding not required
  • ❖ Dual Feed Inlets through Shredder as well as Direct
  • ❖ No full-time manpower required
  • ❖ PLC based Touch screen interface
  • ❖ Feed & Forget system
  • ❖ Auto Power Saving mode on process completion
  • ❖ Only 1-2 man-hours required per day
  • ❖ Online Monitoring System
  • ❖ Compact and Mobile

IVNC In-Vessel Natural Composter Models

In Vessel Natural Composter Models
  • ❖ Waste to High Quality Fertilizer Compost in 8-10 days
  • ❖ Inbuilt Shredder.No separate shredding/crushing required
  • ❖ Inbuilt curing system
  • ❖ Low Power Consumption. Cost effective
  • ❖ No Dedicated Manpower required
  • ❖ Ideal for Locations with unstable Power supply
  • ❖ Complete Built-up unit. No additional equipment required
  • ❖ Available from 20 kgs to 1500 kgs per day waste capacity