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Fire Safety Cabinets

Fire Safety Cabinets

Fire safety cabinets are instrumental in the storage, transfer and general handling of potentially hazardous materials. Quantar Engineering provides you cabinets that are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 900°C for 90 minutes. The cabinets are manufactured using the strongest materials that can fight a fire and have exclusive features like automatic closure of doors in a fire incident. Available in different sizes and colours, they take care of your storage requirements as well as fit in the aesthetics of your workplace. Quantar Engineering has provided cabinets to leading labs in India and has been an exclusive supplier of products from the best manufacturers around the world.

Non-flammable media cabinet
Non Flamable Media

Type 90 - refrigerated storage cabinet
Refrigerated Storage

Type 90 - combined storage cabinet
Combined Storage Type

Type 90 - lithium-ion batteries cabinet
Lithium Ion Batteries

Gas bottle depot - outdoor storage cabinet
Gasbottle Depot Outdoor Storage

Type G90 - storage gases cabinet
Storage Gases

Type 90 - flammable liquids cabinet
Flammable Liquids